Review: Days of Future Past – Part 1: Past Tense

Days of Future Past - Part 1: Past Tense
Days of Future Past – Part 1: Past Tense by John Van Stry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Major John Riggs is an Air Force pilot instructor, a decedent of the Native American Navajo, the future savior of his people, but mostly he’s an asshole.

Lt. Paul Young was about to be drummed out of the Air Force by said Maj. Riggs as a personal favor for someone with a grudge against a relative.

Then they were both sent to a far distant realm by an Indian goddess to save the Navajo people. Well, Riggs was, Paul just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time… as was intended by another very tricky god.

Thus Paul is stuck in a ruined world where he must help a man he despises become a hero, or face the wrath of a god who can make his life a living hell if he doesn’t… On the other hand, he can also make it worth his while.

This novel was an excellent action adventure with great characters and a world setting that keeps you guessing. I enjoyed it from start to finish, and I plan to read the rest of the series.

The main character, Paul, is a true can-do hero who uses his mind and his body to conform the world to his own shape rather than letting it overwhelm him. He is put into dire situations repeatedly, but comes out – with some luck at times – on top. The love interest part is a bit odd… a one man two women combo… but things are kept below a graphic level, so it’s really a side story. I could have done without it, but it does bring the drama into play.

The world itself is a post-apocalyptic one where you can find magic, fey creatures, high-tech, and even dragons!

Overall, I give this book four stars and call it an Exciting Read!

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Review: Rescue

Rescue by Ryk Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In Rescue, the continuing story of the Earth/Pentarus Alliance gets a bit of resolution. The previous episode drops you unexpectedly into the future of the series. It whips you around, and keeps you wondering what happens next. THIS episode ties all the ‘but how did that come about’ questions right up with a nice little bow! It is mostly flashback, but the stage is also set for the the future. And, as a reward for your history lesson, that last chapter is a signature, Ryk Brown, kick-ass and screw the names kind of fight!

I probably should have been more emotional at certain points of this book, but for some reason I just didn’t feel it. I think it’s just me and my current mindset right now, because there are some intense scenes and events in this one. From reading the previous episode, you know the outcome, but the ‘getting there’ is still a heck of a ride! There were times that I was almost sure I was about to find out there was a secret within a secret, but it ended up not being that way. Even so, I can’t say there’s any disappointment. Read it, and you will see what I mean.

I give this episode of the extraordinary Frontiers Saga four stars and call it an Awesome Read!

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